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Ricoh Thermal Media(Wuxi)Co.,Ltd.

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RTM Wuxi

RTM Wuxi

Company Information

        Ricoh Thermal Media(Wuxi)Co.,Ltd. Since the establishment of 2006-02, with the rapid growth of China's market, it has become an important production Base which bases itself on China, serves Asia, radiates the world and provides the world with first-class quality and service. Ricoh Wuxi serves the world by providing high cost-effective products and continuous development of business activities, constantly innovating and creating the value of Ricoh's characteristics.

Company Name Ricoh Thermal Media(Wuxi)Co.,Ltd.
Date of Establishment 2006-2-14
Capitalization US$ 59.5 million
Total investment US$175.8 million
Number of Employees 378(on 2019.2)
Area covered 60,000㎡
Domestic branch 4