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Thermal paper
Application Product Feature Example of Application
.Food label used in supermarket .Water proof, oil proof,  plasticizer proof
.Excellent printability (High sensibility, low wear, heat resistance)
.Heat resistance
  (90℃、good heat resistance in environment such as microwave)
.Easy for preservation
  (Oil proof,  plasticizer proof, water proof etc.)
.Easy for label processing
(Application of food label)
.Lottery ticket, entrance ticket, boarding card etc. .Excellent  printability on both sides
.Excellent printability (High sensibility, low wear)
.Heat resistance and easy for preservation
.Good stiffness
(Application of baggie tag)
.Logistics label, and used for project management   .Good light resistance
.Easy for preservation
.Scratch resistance, abrasion resistance
.Good usability in relatively harsh condition, good preservation of label content
(Application of logistics label)

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